Holmris Central Station

Holmris Central Station is a super flexible office furniture system which can be build and rebuild within minutes and this completely without any use of tools.

A sustainable product made primarily from cast aluminium frames and bamboo table tops.

The frame offers four different height solution for the table top; From the standard seated working height over the stool seated height to full standing height. An additional height position makes it possible to implement an upholstered bench module.

The system transports as flatpack. It is easy to carry and install – ven in a multi-floor office building via the elevator. It  adapts easily to new demands in the specific office environment where it’s positioned.

Many different accessories complements the system.


Designed during employment with C.F. Møller and in collaboration with the C.F. Møller Design team



Furniture, Product design


Flexible, Innovative, Light, Multi-purpose, Sustainable