Normbau Ascento Shower Seat

Normbau Ascento is an extremely versatile and innovative shower seat system. The many items in the series provides for optimized customization for the individual needs of the disabled user.

The intention was to make a product with the best ergonomics and a seat that could adapt to the customer without looking either too heavy and bulky or handicap-like. We wanted it to be a true ‘Universal Design’ product for anybody who would use a shower seat – disabled or not. We aimed for an appealing design that you could have ‘out in the open’ and not needed to stowe away.

The use of the seat, backrest and armrests is simple and intuitive, the armrests provides both right- and left-handed access and entrance.

Easy cleaning was another cardinal issue during the design proces.

German Design Award 2020 / ISH Design Award 2019

Designed during employment at C.F. Møller and in collaboration with the C.F. Møller Design Team.


Care products, Furniture, Product design


Care, Ergonomic, Universal Design